Saturday, 16 June 2012

How you can have summer 2012's hottest, trendiest nails today! 5 top tips

As promised we've got 5 of the hottest nail tips for this summer that you can't miss! If you want to be up with the trend this summer then make sure you have a bright, bold, hue collection.
Be Bold, daring and play!! Bright bold nails are whats hot right now!

1) Try a tangerine orange, orange is great as it really goes with any skin tone and gives off a warm glow.

Essie's "Orange it's obvious" Nail polish - Add something more to your outfit with this hot shade of tangerine.

OPI's "Ya'll come back ya hear?" - Is a really fab shade of tangerine, it's bright and bold and that's exactly what's hot right now! Check out and you can paint your nails virtually, to find your perfect colour.

Chanel's "Holiday" - I just love this shade from Chanel, It's almost a red but with just enough orange to
make it the prominent colour.

2) Try a bright bold blue this summer! I just love bright blue it really is a great shade, it's Eye catching and really chic.

NARS "Koliary" - This one from NARS is great and it just screams summer 2012. It will take 2 coats but with a base and topcoat this will leave you with nice even nails for a week.

OPI's "Fly" - This colour is great! I love it! Bright, bold and perfect for this summers trend. Go out and buy it!!

Deborah Lippmann's "I know what boys want" - This colour is
fab, get this on your nails and watch as it seems to change
tone under different lights, So whether your out in the sun or
under lights in a bar this nail polish will keep up with the

3) Pink pink pink!!! Try out these hot pinks, perfect colours for the beach.

Dior's "Paradise" - this is a beautiful neon pink without being over the top. Love it! This is a beaut!!

China glaze's "Pool party" is a bright and shocking pink, it's great for the beach and will look even better when your nicely tanned.

Urban Outfitters "Hot tub" - If you want a colour that radiates
on your nails then this is for you! paint your nails with this
and jump in the hot tub!!

4) Keen for green! green is a very under used colour yet in the summer sun it looks just fab! here's 3 fab shades for you.

Color club's "Age of aquarious - Wow this is really a beaut! Lying next to the ocean with this on your nails will have you looking fab this summer.

Chanel's "Jade" - It is not often you find a jade green shade  that is done well, so hats off here to Chanel as this is stunning.

Essie's "Mojito madness" - You just have to love this. Part of Essie's summer 2012 collection this bold green shade has a subtle yellowish undertone.

5) No trend of bright bold colours is complete without yellow. So to round off our top 5 tips on whats hot for your nails this summer 2012..... Bring on the yellow!!

Gosh's "Yellow doll" - This is a really nice nail polish with great sheen, the colour is very nice and bright and depending on the light it seems to almost change to green or orange, You can buy this at

NARS's "Amchoor" - The quality of NARS nail polish is very high and has great pigment. This is just a perfect bright sunshine yellow, with it's slight orange undertones. It is fun, bright and is a must have in your closet this summer.


Revlon's "Electric" - I love Revlon I think they are 1 of the best if not the best high street brand and this yellow is fab! a nice shade that isn't to loud but not to pale.

*These are not my pictures*

Well that rounds off our top 5 tips for this summers hottest nails, hope you love them as much as we do!!


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